Amy Reichlin Consulting
Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Training




Leadership Coaching equips leaders and emerging leaders with both the “soft” skills (self-awareness and social awareness) and “hard skills” (leadership theory) needed to be effective in their leadership roles. Clients experience heightened feelings of confidence and self-efficacy as they practice new aptitudes and behaviors that inspire excellence in themselves and others. ARC utilizes the Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment to help clients identify and co-create a customized, meaningful development plan relevant to their personal and organizational growth goals.


You’ve launched your idea, formed a team, and even have some funding. Now what? How will you grow in a way that is sustainable and will skirt the statistics that 95% of startups fail, and 65% fail due to interpersonal tension? (Kaufman Foundation, 2015) ARC can help you establish and maintain practices that will help create a healthy, sustainable environment in which your people and company can thrive. Clients develop key guardrails to manage their growth consciously – from core values development to hiring practices to emotional intelligence and other relational skills. Think of this as “preventative medicine” – establishing smart habits before your company gets into trouble. 



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Running a small business can have its rewards and its challenges. Managing personnel can be amongst the hardest challenges. Amy has an incredible wealth of knowledge for interpersonal skills and healthy professional relating. I’m comforted to know I can rely on her impressive skills to support me and my staff. One phone call to Amy, can redirect an emotional experience I might be having into one of positivity and provide an excellent outcome for all involved. I love having her on my “make me and my company great” team.
— Jodi Feinhor-Dennis, CEO, Missy J’s