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Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Training



ARC offers its signature leadership and emotional intelligence courses right at your company (or off-site, if preferred). Sessions occur every other week for one and a half hours. This structure fits more easily into employees’ busy lives and enables participants to practice concepts in between classes for optimal impact.

Introduction to Leadership for Managers

8 week course

This course teaches managers the fundamental skills needed to cultivate and sustain more motivated and inspired employees. Managers will learn key leadership competencies: How to hire and retain great talent, how to coach and motivate employees to exceed their goals, how to relate to them in a way that builds trust and empowerment, how to involve them in a larger vision, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and more. 

Relating to Others: Emotional Intelligence and Skillful Conversations

6 week course

This course is for anyone in your company interested in building key relational competencies: emotional intelligence (self-awareness and social-awareness) and conversational skills. Participants will gain an understanding for what emotions are and how to work with them, as they arise, in themselves and others. Additionally, participants will gain a deep understanding as to why difficult conversations are hard, and gain a plethora of skills and techniques for saying what needs to be said in a way that invites connection and creates mutual gain. 

Introduction to Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

8 week course

This program offers leading-edge Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) research and exercises, training and techniques. Participants will learn simple mindfulness practices that are practical and can be easily incorporated into a busy work day. They will also gain awareness of the process of emotions, and how to recognize and navigate intense experiences. Typical benefits include greater productivity, better connections with colleagues, and an overall more calm, clear work environment.



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Amy presented an 8 week long Mindfulness Training series at The Motive Group. The results were truly amazing. Advertising agencies can be high stress, fast-paced work environments and this training equipped employees with a toolbox of exercises and skills to reduce stress, improve focus and simply enjoy being present in the moment. Every employee who participated commented on how positively the sessions impacted both their professional and personal lives. Amy’s calming presence and deep understanding of Mindfulness was evident in everything she presented during the program. This was truly one of the most valuable investments in employee well-being that I have ever implemented.
— Krista Malloy, HR Director, The Motive Group
Amy, mad props, you were exactly what we needed. You got us to open up, so that we could take in this fantastic information. Your personality suits this work well. You managed to take a company that felt uncomfortable about feelings and emotions, and got them to start thinking about the importance of feelings and emotions. That’s an incredible accomplishment, no one here could have done that, it had to be you, and I will be forever grateful for that. BOOM!
— Tristan Gruett, COO, Nite Ize, Inc.