Amy Reichlin Consulting
Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Training



Meeting Facilitation and Design

Whether a one-hour meeting or a full day retreat, ARC is skilled at helping leadership and functional teams work through any myriad of issues that may be hindering team trust and performance – from interpersonal issues, to a lack of vision, alignment, or a strategic plan. Through a variety of techniques, our work results in creating shared understanding, language and norms, from which teams can do their best and most efficient work. 

Culture Uplift Kits

What makes your culture unique?  How do you amplify this across your company? ARC specializes in helping organizations define what makes them special and develops “cultural artifacts” or “cultural rituals” – relics or practices that symbolize your culture – so that your unique “brand” is amplified throughout the company. Culture Uplift Kits lead to strong cultural identity and an increased sense of “contagious” pride among employees at all levels.



We would love to get to know you! Please reach out for a free 1-hour consultation to determine if we are a good fit for you or your company.

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Amy is a very skilled communicator, effective listener, and excellent teacher. Her workshops are so well organized that every tiny detail has been anticipated and accounted for, and her multi-sensory way of teaching engages the entire audience. I thoroughly enjoyed her workshop and highly recommend her – you will not be disappointed!
— Heather Ralston, Co-Founder, 100th Monkey